Mini Lobsters- DON’T EAT

Do not eat these mini lobsters.These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage treatment plants.

The ‘dirtier’ the water, the fatter these mini lobsters

Their lungs are full of worms and their flesh saturated with poisonous metals.

Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to eateries.

Do not order this dish.

Pass this to those friends who may want to try these mini ‘lobsters’.


Forwarded by: Jose D (Tup-vians yahoogroups)

Photo credit: unknown



8 Angels




8 angels are sent 2 you;  

you must send them to 8 people including me.  
in 8 minutes you will receive something you  have long awaited.  

have faith!





Forwarded by: Joy

Animation credit: unknown