Wake-up Call to all Filipinos

Hello Media Team,

Can you feature to your TV networks? Help boast Philippines and motivate Filipino… This is I only knew to wake-up Giant sleepers…

We’re a little bit bothered about the situation of our Nation’s economy, the rising prices of commodities, population explosion, Political instability, very very poor infrastructure, lack of security (madami modus operandi), devious graft & corruption, red tape and many Money [sic] more…

INTEL Phils will close it’s facility here in Gateway Business Park, Gen.Trias, Cavite before 2008 ends. Approx 3,000 employees will lose their job. This billion dollar company is bound for China then later part Vietnam. What I’ve seen, GOVERNMENT is not

seriously taking care of multi-national company for the benefit of  “madlang people” job security and economic growth kuno?!*~$@,
instead they drove out foreign investors.They have no long term plan to attract foreign investor.
This is very alarming and threat to SEMICON companies, Intel have the circle of influence and have played a major role boasted Philippine economy, attracted foreign investor and source of livelihood to thousands Filipino people. Now here, it comes they will depart because of BAD impression. It was said, reason for their transfer is structural building safety issue but MANY knew it’s NOT.  

China & Vietnam offers free use of their land, power & water supply are being subsidize by government, aside from low wages.

Malaysia offers also the same like what they did to IDT (Integrated Device Technology), IDT left Phils last July 2005.

The big query is, can the government can offer the same package? Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan (money matters).

GMA’s government should ACT NOW!!!! Before “OTHERS” will imitate Intel & IDT.

IDT (SEMICON) A Million dollar company- Left Phils last July 2005 transferred to Malaysia

Intel (SEMICON) A Billion dollar company – will depart Phils before 2008 ends bound for China & Vietnam, approx 3,000 employees will lose job.

To Lawmakers & GMA Government,

Pls. have mercy on Filipino people. Stop bugging one another do your job, do what is pleasing to God. Pls. do something right now. Tomorrow maybe too late, don’t wait for another “ SODOM ” and stop building the walls of Jericho , your tower of Babel . Don’t wait for God and  another Joshua to destroy it.

Think of These Things:

China– Communist > offers free use of land, low power & water rates, low taxes & wages begin to expand their infrastructure but w/ communication barrier

Vietnam-Communist > offers free use of land, low power & water rates, low taxes & wages but w/ communication barrier

Thailand– Buddish-have good political stability, very good infrastructure and expanding, high wages compare to peso equivalent but w/ communication barrier

Malaysia-Buddish- have good political stability, very good infrastructure, power & water rates are being subsidize by Government

Philippines– Christian- many have no moral civility, very intelligent but clever when it comes to money, very very poor infrastructure is one of the bad notion, political instability, high power rates, high taxes, lack of security (madami nakawan) but very very good in all areas of technicality &  have very good communication skills.

Is there any chance to boast our Phil. Economy? Can we offer like China , Vietnam , Thailand and Malaysia offers?
Can we lower the power rates & taxes to Multinational companies and be enacted into law? Can it be asap?

God be w/ you Sir’s/Madam…

Pls. pass until it gets to Malacanang…Glory to God!!!! God bless Philippines richly…









Forwarded by: Jose D. (Tup-vians yahoogroups)
Disclaimer: This is only a forwarded email and it does not FULLY reflect my opinion.



  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for dropping by. : )

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