Position or Performance?

A Priest died and was awaiting his turn at Heaven’s Gates. Ahead of him was a guy, smartly dressed, with dark sun glasses, a colorful, silk shirt, leather jacket & jeans.

God asked him: Please tell me who are you and what you did on Earth, so that I may know whether to admit you into the kingdom of Heaven or not?

The young man replied: “My name is Pandu, I was a driver in Chennai !”

God consulted his ledger, smiled and said to Pandu, “Please take this silken robe & gold scarf & enter the Kingdom of Heaven ..

Now it was the priest’s turn.

The priest stood straight and spoke out in a booming voice: I am the Pope’s Assistant  and was the Head Priest of the  Church for the last 40 years.

God consulted his ledger & said to the Priest: Please take this cotton robe & enter the Kingdom of Heaven …

‘Just a minute,’ says the astonished Priest. ‘How is it that a foul mouthed, rash driving Auto Driver is given a Silken robe & a Golden scarf and I, a Priest, who’s spent his whole life preaching your Name &
goodness, has to wear these Cotton robes?’

‘Results my friend, results,’ shrugs God.

‘While you preached, people SLEPT; but when he drove his Auto, people PRAYED.’

Moral of the story: It’s Performance that counts.

Forwarded by: Joylyn


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