A friend who never was

Hey! You have one nice short story here.

Rishav K Singh

He doubted that his passenger might be a terrorist, planning to bomb this school, terrorizing young minds. Was he helping an anarchist? No! He couldn’t get so mean for money. But, if that was the truth, why would he visit the Police headquarters? For questioning? No! No! A man under suspicion would never attempt another crime. Perhaps, he truly was an investigator, But, a 15 year old investigator! How could it be possible? Certainly, one of his relatives must have been a cop and that’s why he got interested in investigations at such a young age.

Finally settling at a conclusion, cabbie paid attention on the path and found that he had been driving wrong way, for quite some time.

He began to turn around.

“What’s the matter?” Enquired the stranger, frustrated at the lengthy ride.

“We will have to turn around. There’s police blockade ahead.” Cabbie replied, covering up…

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