Who is the Spam Victim!

This blog is mainly all about forwarded emails coming from my wife, family members, friends and of course, last but not the least…spammers. These emails range from tips on health, safety, car maintenance & home care;  some are urband legends that by the power of the internet gets recycled and creates another wave of terror and sleepless nights to its clueless recipient; others are jokes – both green or clean – and others are religious chain mails that threatens a gullible receiver of death or misfortune if not forwarded in 10 seconds to 10 contacts. And these are just a few of the emails I’ve received so far. In short, this is a blog of emails on everything and anything under the sun.

More often than not, I become a spammer as well as I would normally forward emails that I think are good to my contacts. Ti abi. The cycle never ends.

Nevertheless, I still think that not all spam are created equal. What is trash to me, may actually work for others. And so instead of deleting these mails, I’d bury them here for others to read and learn.

I hope you enjoy My Spam Blog.

By the way, I have a serious (well, at least not spam) blog. Visit: Marcus Can Blog. Please check it out. Thanks!

Disclaimer: As much as I value copyright materials, most of the forwarded emails do not contain nor represent the name of its original author. So if you think you own any of the materials posted in this blog, please inform me and I will gladly remove it upon request.



  1. I had been contemplating of making a separate blog for my overflowing email but I wasn’t sure if it is proper or not. It’s mostly the photos that I can’t afford to delete since I love them, also the funny ones. The sad ones…I don’t know; I don’t have one like the Korean and the Philippines essay that you have.

    This blog (esp. your disclaimer) inspires me to continue with my email blog when I get the chance to really sit down and do some daunting techie clean-up. Thanks!

  2. zylla3,

    you’re welcome! pls. drop by regularly.

    : )

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

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